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Tel: 01792 346194/ 07850 065539

Headlights Restored

Over time plastic headlights will become cloudy, discoloured or lose their clearness due to UV, heat and oxidation damage. Getting your headlights replaced can be extremely expensive and time consuming, making our service a smarter more cost effective option.

time consuming, making our service a smarter more cost effective option.

We offer a professional MOBILE OR CALL TO US headlight restorations service in and around SWANSEA AREAS and are open 6 DAYS A WEEK to the public, car dealerships and specialist car owner clubs.

Headlight Restoration On All Types Of Vehicles

Our mobile technicians can visit you at your home, work or you can drop your vehicle off with us and get on with your day while we carry out the restoration service. Headlight restoration is usually done within the hour using our specially formulated products.

The products we use are designed to clean, polish ,seal and protect giving a longer lasting shine eliminating the cloudiness or discolouration of your headlights, giving you better visibility at night whilst providing an excellent fresh new look for your vehicle at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for new headlights PRICES START FROM AS LITTLE AS £45.00 PER PAIR GIVE US A CALL NOW !

Don't wait for the warning lights to come on. PHONE US NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE !


Mon - Fri: 10am to 4pm

Sat: 10AM - 3pm

Sun: Closed